Every Last Drop SD wmv

From WLD Vol. 1 – Hooded Yvanka has her slave tied up in the dungeon ruins where she playfully teases him with her lips and body. Her perfect breasts are unobtainable to his bound hands. She frees his cock and strokes him hard while she deep throats his penis gag. He gets a close of view of her lips going to work on that big thick shaft knowing she will never suck his cock. Her firm grip pulls at his cock while she bites and plays with his nipples. She has him hard but keeps him on the edge as she allows the fluids to painfully build pressure in his balls. She finally strokes him hard to make him cum but she bites hard on his nipples so he has to struggle for release through the pain. He has paid the price of almost having his cock pulled off during this painful milking from his mistress.