Male Domination

Treat him like dirt HD Raw MP4

(Hi-Def Raw File) Axa has returned from work to find Andy is still in the pink PJS. So! She’s cuffed to the outdoor WAM chair and plans to torture him with mess. All he can do is except his fate. She opens by flirting with the camera, showing her pussy off, etc,. Poor Andy can’t see a thing. She, then sets about him with water and pies, she also lashes him oodles of verbal humiliation. But wait, she has a new toy, a water squirter, what if she put in his ears and up his nose. Would he give? There is also a bucket full of Tiswas foam, a rancid bucket of mud and several orange buckets full of coloured water. Join Axa as she gives Andy no let up – utter humiliation of him is her goal. Will she win the day? *Please note this download is in MP4 format*